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Why Bjoiful Sound & Art?

Here are just a few areas in which Bjoiful Sound & Art can support and help YOU! 

  • Quickly raise your mood

  • Discover the ability and practice of "letting go"

  • Relieve tension and anxiety

  • Ease out of depression

  • Create without judgement

  • Improve sleep

  • Quiet YOUR mind

Each session includes a guided meditation, sound bath during the art practice and journaling time

Be Joyful, My Friend!

What is Bjoiful Sound?

To keep it very simple, Bjoiful sound uses integral sound healing techniques to carry the intention of Joy (which is a high frequency) to help relieve stress, reduce tension and quiet the mind.

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In a 2020 research review that analyzed four studies, improvements in distressed mood, rtension, anger, and confusion were seen in study participants after a sound bath with Tibetan singing bowls.


"Keli with Bjoiful Sound & Art is an incredibly warm and gifted facilitator. She uses a variety of instruments including soothing voice to guide you to your intention, along with crystal singing bowls and bells to create a one-of-a-kind vibratory experience. The sound bath concludes with a generous period of deep relaxation. I came away feeling like the weight of the world had been washed away.! Thank you, Keli for such an amazing experience!" Nicole M.

What is Bjoiful Art?

Bjoiful Art is a focus-based, mixed media art technique created to gain clarity, spark judgement-free creativity,  ease into a mediative state and gain control over your emotions. 

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In another study, cognitive neuroscientists found that creating art reduces cortisol levels (markers for stress), and that through art people can induce positive mental states. These studies are part of a new field of research, called neuroesthetics: the scientific study of the neurobiological basis of the arts.

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