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Bjoiful Sound

Why Bjoiful Sound ?

Bjoiful Sound is one of many Vibrational Medicine paths to chose from. Hundreds, if not thousands considering methods from outside the U.S. Including ancient, present and future discoveries.  Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Reiki, Dance Therapy, Drumming, Humming, Herbal Therapy, Flower Remedies are just a few I can name right off the top of my head.

But the main thing they have in common and what it all comes down to, is vibration. Regardless of the title, it's all about vibration and bringing the body into a higher vibration to promote inner healing. And what is the body anyway? It's a vibrational instrument. 

Every aspect of the body seen and unseen is affected by vibration. We don't need to hear it, feel it nor consciously sense it in order for the body to be affected by vibration. Good or bad. Positive or negative. Uplifting or depressing. All comes from a vibration. Things, thoughts, people, experiences come to us via our vibrations. 

Higher vibrations promote healing. Lower vibrations promote dis-ease.

To keep it very simple, Bjoiful sound uses integral sound healing techniques to carry the intention of Joy (which is a high frequency) to promote inner healing. 

Our bodies naturally want to get back to it's natural state of optimal health and well-being.  As a vibrational instrument, the body can get out of tune with just one note off key. For example, one negative thought can throw off your entire day. But, what does that thought do to the vibration within the body? When does it stop playing that off-note key? How does it affect the body, the instrument as a whole?

Integral sound healing focuses on healing the body/instrument as a whole rather than one symptom/note at a time. During each Bjoiful Sound session the body/instrument is assisted back into tune through the calm vibrations and patterns of the instruments played by the practitioner.

Each time your body finds it's way back to it's natural state of wellness and self healing the more it thrives to return and find that healing pattern again and again.

Once you become consciously aware of  how it feels like during these self-healing sessions you will begin to reach for the higher state of being and wellness more and more. Every opportunity becomes a chance to shift from dis-ease or stress to one of inner healing. One breath. One thought. One sound. 

Who is Bjoiful Sound for? 

It's for you. When you feel trapped or blocked by an intense feeling that no longer serves you and keeps you from moving forward or healing.

It's for you. When you need a moment to be out of your head. When your thoughts keep playing that same painful phrase or phrases over and over.

It's for you. When you need to let go of negative thoughts from the past or worrying thoughts you made up about the future and need a moment of peace.

It's for you. When you are experiencing physical (chronic) pain and can't seem to focus or think about anything else.

If you found this page, this source, Bjoiful Sound is for YOU!

Schedule a 1-on-1 session today.

Be Joyful, my friend and let's heal the world one Being at a time.

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