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Being Honest With You

10.29.2019 I wish I could say that reiki has been flowing through me and healing everything It's touched. But, I can't.

I went to California over a week ago to visit my dad. I'm not going to go into any detail as I want to stay in alignment with Source and in the Present as far as my dad.

I will talk about what my own experience with reiki was during my visit with my dad. My reiki experience, from my perspective. Limited, I know but??? Anyway....

At the hospital, I asked my father if he would like me to do a reiki session with him? He knows all about reiki, energy healing etc. And he is totally receptive. He'd had many reiki sessions in the hospital, previous to my visit, with a few reiki practitioners who volunteered their services. He and his wife, expressed how receptive my dad was to the energy and how uplifted he'd felt after each session. He really loved having reiki. He smiled and said, he would like for me to do a session with him.

I cleared, grounded, called up the reiki symbols, invited in spirit guides, let go of my ego and began the session. It didn't last 5 minutes. He shook his head like something was bothering him. His eyes were closed but, he seemed to be the opposite of relaxed. When I went to other parts of his body he seemed to be just shaking me off. Then people just started drifting in and the session ended.

My dad did not say a word about the session. I later asked him if he could give me some feedback, but he seemed to just ignore the question and avoid the subject. Which is very unusual for him.

Over the next few days, I watched as two other reiki practitioners came and did sessions with my dad. He looked so peaceful and rested. Each time he had a session I sat back and just held "space". One of the practitioners thanked me for supporting the reiki energy in the room.

I wondered why couldn't I do one myself? I was afraid to offer any further sessions not only to my dad but to anyone. I also noticed that when I went to sleep at night allowing reiki energy to flow while I slept, I'd wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. So, I stopped doing that and only do a reiki meditation before going to sleep, not while sleeping. (What's that all about?)

Since I KNOW reiki can do no harm, it is all about me. But, what about me is out of alignment? What is reiki trying to tell me?

I was very disturbed by what had happened with my dad. What is so wrong with me? Why was the session so negative? My father is one of the most spiritual people I know. I owe all of my spiritual learning to him because he opened me up to so much leading edge knowledge about the Universe.

I asked myself, how at this critical time in his life am I not able to offer loving, healing energy? The answer came to me: Because I was trying too hard and pushing. Too much to lose and so much to gain.

My second session with Kelly is tomorrow. I will see what answers come through then.

Be Joyful!

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