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Crystal Singing Bowl Calling

09.23.2019 On Saturday, I purchased my first crystal singing bowl. A lovely, white, frosted, 9.5 inch bowl that sings in the key of D. I bought it from Everything Just Rocks, in Tempe, AZ. There were only two bowls left in the store and the owner said she would not be getting anymore until January.

I played the 'D" bowl first. It had a nice resonance. Next I played the "F" bowl. And wow, did it sing! It was so full and beautiful! The owner was standing nearby and she said, "That's the bowl for you!"

Though the "F" bowl really, really sang out, I didn't feel it was the right bowl for me. I picked up the "D" bowl again and played it. The second time we (the bowl and I) resonated together.

But, because it wasn't singing in the same beautiful way the "F' bowl sang, I picked up the "F" bowl again.

I know that the bowls and I are to partner together on this healing journey and for me to sing with them. So, I sang with the "F' bowl and there was no connection. I sang with the "D" bowl and there was NO doubt that this would be my new partner in healing!

Trust your intuition and....

Be Joyful!

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