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Dad Is Ill But It's Still About Me

09.20.2019 I just received a phone call from my sister informing me that our dad was submitted into the hospital after having a small stroke last night. This is the second one that we are aware of in the past 60 days. Our mom is also having some health issues. She has trouble walking and she has an onset of dementia. We don't know exactly where she is with that as she hasn't been to see a doctor in months nor do we have access to her medical records. Our stepfather does have Alzheimer in addition to some other dis-eases.

My first reaction to the call was to brace myself. Okay, that immediately did not feel good at all. How can I do anything in Alignment when I was already in a fear space?.

Dreading a phone call from my sisters for fear that they will be calling to tell me bad news about either of my ailing parents.

When I became a parent, I worried and had lots of fear revolving around the welfare of my children. I am still a parent though my children are all but grown. (Our youngest is now 17 years old.)

I have eight grandchildren.

If I am always worrying about my offspring, my grandchildren, and now my parents, I am not even available to do any healing at all. What kind of life is that anyway? Constantly on the verge of worry or fear? Making up stuff about my kids and parents.

"What if this happens?"

"What if that happens?"

"How am I going to fix it?"

There is no way that streaming the bottomless pit of worry and fear is what my life is about.

After speaking with my sister, I picked up the nearest crystal and began doing Reiki for my father.

Only to find that my stomach felt like I'd swallowed a boulder. I could feel my energy sinking. I was blocking the Reiki flow.

I can smile and say all the right words, but nothing will get the Reiki flowing until I let go of fear and worry.

Everyone else comes after that because I can't be of service to anyone with fear and worry blocking the flow.

So, what am I looking for? How will I know when the Reiki is actually flowing? How do I open myself up in order to let the Reiki in?

More Reiki! Reiki with the intention of opening up my heart chakra and allowing in the KNowing that All is Good! ALL IS GOOD!

Be Joyful!

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