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Follow Your Heart Mandala

04.02.r2022 First remember to have your journal available to you as soon as you finish your art project. You'll not only want to try to capture your present thoughts but also try to recall what thoughts or feelings you may have had while you were creating your mandala.

For example, I remember at some point, I was hesitant about what colors to choose. I was in thinking-critical mode. I did have the underlying mantra going on, "follow your heart". With that playing in the background I was able to snap back into the present moment of what I was focusing on....following my heart. I blindly reached for a color and continued with the mandala.

I was drawn to green and knew I wanted to have some blue. Was this a spontaneous choice? Or did I choose blue out of habit? When faced with an option and I choose do follow my heart do I subconsciously choose something out of habit? I was SO happy placing green on the page. Why did I not use more green? I was afraid that too much would ruin it. Am I afraid of too much happiness? Do I limit myself to only allowing in so much "happy"?

What was I thinking or feeling when I drew the initial path? Was it easy for me to trust and follow my heart? When I made the first outline, I found it to be too thin. I thought, "I have a strong heart, let me make the outline thicker. I was not focused on making the overall shape perfect, though I wanted to. I let that idea go. A perfect shape would feel too stiff and rigid. I also needed the freedom to be okay with imperfection. The curl at the end represents a soft, unique but bold expression.

As I was making the lines thicker, my hand drifted off of the outline and just began working on the path. I thought, "Oh we're starting now?" And off we went. There was an initial plan to draw the outline then start on the path. That and perfection was tossed out the window when I was instinctually led to begin. Hmmm, make a plan, set a goal but be okay with starting ahead of schedule and not waiting for things to be perfect. Things can always be improved upon later or along the way.

Looking at the mandala now, I feel the blue wavy lines to be like flowing water. Allow some flow when I am following my heart. Loving the red. It is very powerful and rich in color and depth. I started with the red. The placement is close to the center but not dominating. It is balanced with the green.

I was drawn to the darker pink for the color but was not happy with the fine lines the pen made. It meant I would have to spend a lot of time filling in the space. Sometimes, following my heart will mean taking time to fill in the details. There was some starting and stopping when I made those pink lines to fill in those spaces. It's not my favorite part of the heart and coincidentally (not)it's not my favorite part of the journey. I always want to just get to the fun part. For example, building the Bjoiful Sound & Art business is FAR more than just creating sound and art daily. That's the FUN part. The important and necessary parts are developing the business, marketing, accounting and more that I do NOT find enjoyable. Yet, it is part of the overall picture. That's the dark pink.

The light pink closer to the outside. Hmm, I like the pink, yet pink and red together I never like. Why did I choose them together today? Pink for me (today) means a lighter love, acceptance and unconditional love. I love it with the green. Green represents the heart chakra.

Overall, I see the flow of water. Unconditional love surrounding the heart. Richness and depth. Happiness. A choice to follow my heart or choose out of habit, knowing the difference. Simplicity. Things coming together.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact me if you would like some assistance in helping you gain clarity in one of your mandalas.

Many thanks for taking the time to read and discover sound & art with me.

Be Joyful, My Friend!

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