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Give Props Where It's Due

07.07.2021 Yesterday I posted my very first kirtan clip. I made a super short recording playing my harmonium and singing a line or two of Narasimha (Deva Premal). I am taking Harmonium Immersion course online with Girish

His courses have helped tremendously with moving my harmonium practice forward, helping me build confidence through continuous practice and his words of encouragement.

Especially the way he reminds us, "Love your voice."

Another major influence in my ability to share my voice is Ashley Brown Sound

I had a voice session with Ashley that left me with a new way of hearing my own voice. It is hard to explain. But, I'll give it a shot.

Before my session with Ashley, it's true that I was learning to love and accept my voice just where it is. But, I wasn't happy with the way I sounded when I recorded anything. The sound of my voice, when I sang with a mic and headphones was different from the way I thought I sounded. One voice I'd like, the one in my head. But the way it sounded in real life, recorded. Ugh. Or I would hear the way I wanted to sound (inside my head) then when I'd actually sing the sound would be powerless. Wispy, breathy and full of fear.

During the session with Ashley, she guided me through some very unusual and uncomfortable vocal exercises. They were uncomfortable because I was required to just bust out of my comfort zone. Yowza!

Because I trusted Ashley, I was willing to open up and see what happened.

Alot happened. Most notable was the connection between the voice inside my head to my actual voice. Now there IS a true connection. What I'm singing inside my head, which I love, is now the same voice outside my head, which I love.

I actually felt my ears pop. I felt something inside my head open.

"There's my voice. That's MY voice" I remember thinking and then saying to Ashley.

It was/IS powerful. It had/HAS a clear, strong resonance. I was connected and supported by a nearby tree and the Earth. It was amazing!

Many thanks and blessings to Girish and Ashley who have supported and guided me in ways that I could not have imagined.

Be Joyful, My friend!

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