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Huh? What's That You Say?

09.10.2019 I feel like I'm being called in another direction entirely. I began this journey seeking kirtan. The original website was actually called, "Finding Kirtan".

The purpose of the site was to share my journey of discovering kirtan. I knew I had the desire for a stronger Spiritual foundation as I grew into becoming a kirtan leader.

I love singing. I enjoy the confidence I have gained studying to play the harmonium. I love discovering my voice and becoming a confident singer.

But.....I'm feeling or sensing that kirtan and playing the harmonium has been the path of least resistance to something else. Something unique to me.

I'm feeling really drawn to crystals again. The crystal tuning fork seems magical and awesome! It will be a wonderful tool for me to use in my healing arts. Yep.... that's True. I know that those two forks are Present in my Vortex and will be coming into physical reality.

As far as Kirtan leading, I feel that the journey there is being lead by more of the ego and some baggage from the past. I'm not ready (today) to let it go yet. (Why is that?) I will Reiki that question and meditate to see what comes up.

That's all for now. We will see what else the Universe has to say or share about my the musical part of this journey. Hmmmm.

Be Joyful!

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