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Kirtan Catch Up

09.26.2019 Where am I with my kirtan practice? I have been taking online courses from Bhaki Breakfast Club, as I've mentioned in a previous blog. I am coming so much closer to finding my own expression of kirtan, my own voice. Close, yes, but not there yet. I am learning to sing along with my own harmonium and just seeing what comes out when I am unable to sing along and copy the sound of another voice. When it's just me, what style comes forth?

I am playing with Brenda McMorrow's, Om Anandamayi. I found the piano chords off of

Because of what I learned from Bhakti Breakfast Club about chords, which was very clear, I was able to take the piano chords from ChordU and simplify them into an easy set of chords for me to play on the harmonium. I am so proud of myself! I actually understood it enough to rearrange the given notes into a pattern of notes that were easier for my harmonium finger placement.

I can't fully express what an accomplishment this was for me. Learning music, I've had to access and use a whole different part of my brain.

The piano chords for Om Anandamayi were spaced pretty far apart, across two octaves. (I feel like I'm using the right word there?) At first, I kept trying to spread my fingers really wide then make the leap when necessary. Which made the music sound gappy. There was no flow. I couldn't get my fingers over fast enough. I'd marked each set of chords with three different colored stars so I'd know quickly where to place my fingers per chord.

As I sat and stared at the stars, I thought, "If only these keys were closer. I could get to each chord quicker." And that's when my brain connected the pattern of the stars to the actual notes of the keys.

Some of the keys were even consistent with other chords. I then moved all chords into one octave.

It just clicked! I love this stuff!!!!!

Be Joyful!

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