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Let The Universe Guide You

Last night I had a discussion with my husband about how frustrated I was about not knowing all the steps to becoming a kirtan Leader. From the very beginning of all this new "discovering my Life's Purpose" stuff, I've had this underlying thought of....."How different is leading kirtan in a group from singing hymns or gospel music in church along with the choir?"

In singing with individuals resonating with an energy or vibration to lift our Spirits with the purpose of getting into vibration with The Greater Source, finding Peace, finding Joy....then it is all the same.

The language is different. The music is different. The Deities are different. The terminology is different.

The religious practices are different. The PATH is different. The journey is different. But, the destination is the SAME!

For my kirtan practice this morning I pulled in the Reiki energy and sang songs from album "Purified". I felt so uplifted and connected to The Source!

A whole new world has opened up for me. I can sing ANYthing that uplifts me to Source. I can sing ANYthing that gets me into the Vortex. I can sing ANYthing that gets me in alignment. And I can share it ALL through kirtan.

One definition of kirtan is : Kirtan is a Sanskrit word that means "narrating, reciting, telling, describing" of an idea or story. It also refers to a genre of religious performance arts, connoting a musical form of narration or shared recitation, particularly of spiritual or religious ideas.

In my ignorance of kirtan, I thought it was strictly an Indian practice. Mostly because the word kirtan is Sanskrit. But, kirtan itself is non-denominational.

Since kirtan is non-denominational, that means it is absolutely acceptable for me to consider myself a Kirtan Leader, without having to adhere to any specific religious practice.

Okay, well I have no idea how to put this all down step-by-step in my goal setting journal. Because I have now idea how The Universe has it planned out for me.

I listened to Abraham Hicks today (Abraham Hicks 2018 - How Do You Set Goals) on YouTube and they said,"If this Time Space Reality has the wherewithal to inspire a desire, this Time Space Reality has the wherewithal to deliver the goods."

No more setting long term goals or even semi-long term goals to get to THEE goal of BEing a local, regional, and national kirtan leader who supports the community through my unique gift of song and storytelling that inspires Joyful Healing.

I could not figure that out even if I tried. My work is to continue to Allow the Universe to give ME the steps as they are needed and for me to be in Alignment in order to recognize and take action from that Space of Alignment.

I'm excited to be on this journey and excited to see what The Universe has is store for me.

Be Joyful!

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