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New Horizons


09.10.2019 I am bursting with Joy! I am posting my excitement so as not to go around telling everyone before I actually do anything. I have received more guidance from Source. Things are just clicking along and falling into place.

I was intent on setting up a treatment room where the hen coop sits now. I didn't actually have a picture. But, I had an idea how I was going to clean it all out then build the space out to make it into a usable space.

Right now, the space is nothing more than a horse stall with the hen coop sitting inside of it. There is a power source on one of the posts of the stall. That was the main reason I was SET on doing it all there.

But, each time I settled on cleaning it out or working on that space, I could feel I had some resistance.

So, I meditated and did some Reiki on it.

One morning, I sat looking at it, right after doing all the energy work on it, and asked myself why I was so locked into that space?

I thought, "If my art studio had the power source, I'd just use that"

I responded, "Oh but this space is so small."

Me again, "It wouldn't be so small if you let go of all your art supplies."

I whirled around and looked at my cluttered art studio. Perfect!

I gutted it all out the next day! I contacted a few people in my family who are artists and let them know that I was giving away more than 90% of all my arts and craft supplies. I am only keeping two small racks and two bins for creating greeting cards only.

I took out all the cabinets and stand-alone shelving. Today, I am going to remove the shelving that is attached to the walls. And clean the floors. AND, the electrician is coming tomorrow morning to give me an estimate for putting in some electricity!

I thought I was working in order to buy a smaller, better harmonium. But, as payday became closer and closer I started to feel less and less driven to buy one.

I knew the funds were to be used for something else. I am still not spending anything yet. Waiting for the signal from Source. But, I am getting a glimpse of the small action steps I am to take.

Getting my treatment room ready! I only used the words "Treatment Room" for the first time in this very blog. I hadn't even fully realized what I'd been allowing in, until now.

I appreciate the Guides that are with me, loving me, guiding me. I appreciate the Reiki energy that I have allowed in (in WAVES) to express Itself through me for self-healing and to help align in the self-healing of others!

It's all new. It's all good.

Be Joyful!

Before After Clearing Out All Going (except the hoops)

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