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Put On A Happy Face

05.05.2020 This morning after my bike ride I was craving my usual Basmati Rice breakfast. Yesterday, I deprived myself from having it because having a sugary bowl of starch isn't really healthy. :(

Today, I was feeling really good after the ride and wanted to enjoy a nice bowl of sweet, buttery rice and raisins.

The rice was nice and warm, I opened the refrigerator to get the butter. And there was NO BUTTER! I almost screamed. My husband tried to offer a solution, saying, "They have butter at the corner store." My first thought was, "I'm not AT the corner store!" I said nothing, slammed the refrigerator door and stomped out of the kitchen to take my shower.

As the water was warming up, I thought, "This is one of those times I should just put on a happy face." I sighed, looked in the mirror and forced a smile onto my lips.

I immediately began to imagine how to depict Zu & Zen putting on a happy face.

After my shower, I sat down and got to work.

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