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Stay In My Own Lane


I began this clay building venture after taking a bust sculpting class at Marjon Ceramics

in November. This is the bust I made. I was very excited about it. In my mind, it began as a female. Now I feel "they" look more androgynous. I haven't given them a name nor have I been inspired to add any color yet. (More on that later)

Once I got myself all moved into the studio, I paid to have a couple of lessons with one of the artists at Ground Floor Artists. Just to get the basics of clay.

During my first lesson I made a tall, (useless) luminera. I learned some things yes, but the end result was boring. I have no need for such a piece. With the extra pieces of clay we were able to build two, three footed mugs. I was happy learning the necessary process of creating these pieces but when they were finished? Seeing them made my heart drop. They were so uninspiring and dull. (Pictures later)

For the second lesson I made a small calf. I adore him and can't wait to paint him!

Creating him was super challenging for me. He was made from two

pinch pots cinched together. So, the head and the body are hollow. After looking at a a real cow in person the following day, I could see there were a number of things I didn't get quite right. But, I wanted him to be more whimsical than realistic.

After clearly having far more enjoyment and fun, both creating pieces such as the bust and the cow AND I did a couple of Zens too.....

They were tough too. But, I was so happy with them. They are still drying. But, WHY, even after the Zens, did I try to go into practical pottery? Pottery people can use?

Instead of going forward and making fun, whimsical characters, I tried to figure out something to make that was practical and useful. Because, I thought that would sell better.

Teacups! Yep, Teacups could be my "thing", My niche, Not just regular, everyday teacups. I really liked the tiny, handless teacups. They were so cute on Pinterest.

For hours I worked on making a teacup. Just ONE. It turned out too large with a rip in it. Frustrated, I rolled it into a ball and set about making another. Ugh! I wasn't happy during the process and I wasn't happy when I finished. It was just boring. Boring. Boring.

That night, I decided stop making dull pieces of pottery. Instead I would create what inspires me rather than what my (fearful) practical mind tries to convince me to do.

Characters! My lane!

This is Poppi. I made her the next day. I am truly happy with her. Everything about her makes me smile. I am looking forward to seeing how she develops.

More to come.

Be Joyful!

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