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Susanne Plays The Harp

09.02.2019 Yesterday, Susanne (from work) told me that she plays the harp. She confessed that playing the harp is her passion and that she would love for that to be how she earns her living.

My first question to her was, "Do you have a website?" When she said that she did not, I launched into the importance of building an audience, sharing her work, networking, and advertising in the community.

I told her that I would help her put together a website as well a go with her to one of her performances and shoot videos for her to post on her site.

Okay!! How is it that her action steps are so clear to me and all muddied up and foggy for me? Because I muddy them all up myself. The same exact steps I rattled off for Susanne are the same exact steps to use for myself. It was clearly The Universe talking to ME through ME.

I hear you, Universe. But, here's my list of excuses why I can't. :(

RE: Reiki

I can't put cards out in my community advertising Reiki sessions because I don't have a place to do Reiki on anyone.

I can't because I'm afraid that someone I know will see the cards and think I'm a ridiculous person for believing in such mumbo jumbo.

I can't because I'm afraid that I will get calls to set appointments.

I'm afraid that I won't get any calls at all.

RE: Leading Kirtan

I can't because I'm learning how to play the harmonium

I can't because I am building my spiritual foundation

I can't because I'm building my singing repertoire

I can't because I am discovering my voice

I can't because I am strengthening my voice and building confidence

Okay, the reasons for not doing Reiki look really weak. However, as far as leading kirtan, I can honestly say there is necessary growth needed before I am qualified to lead. But, I am totally open to being a part of an already established kirtan band.

What am I going to DO about this realization?

Allow myself to expand along with the idea. Take a breath and allow it to unfold before me one step at a time. Without grabbing hold and trying to make things happen. Let it settle into my physical body. Reiki it. Bring it into my kirtan practice. And see what The Universe puts before me. Only then will I take action.

Be Joyful !

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