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TRUST Myself

09.02.2019 I just discovered that my path to "Finding Kirtan" is also about "finding Reiki" and finding what is TRUE for me.

Leading kirtan, raising the vibration, opening my heart enough to allow a solid connection with Source through song is the same thing I do during a Reiki session. Though it is without the song....supposedly.

Reiki is a method of allowing the flow of Source. Reiki has the same desired end result as kirtan, to connect with Source.

For me, Reiki is about following a protocol that allows me to be open and receptive to The Loving Energy of The Universe that every Being has access to ALL the time.

But, I am understanding that kirtan mantras, Reiki protocols, symbols, etc. all came through the body of a human being. All these teachings came from someone receiving the information, lets say, from Source. Then they used it and taught it to other people.

I have been trying to copy or follow other teachings. But, have come to understand that following any one person's way is not my way.

The energy is Universal. Kirtan is Universal. That means I can follow whatever Source gives directly to me.

That is very scary to me. The idea of trusting my own inner guidance and not following someone else's plan or ideas. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest just thinking about doing whatever this is listening to and following my own inner guidance.

Questions are flying....

"What if I can't hear my Inner Guidance?"

"What if the answers are vague?"

"What if I don't ask the right questions?"

"What if I get it all wrong?"

"What if I'm ALREADY doing everything wrong?"

"What if I am incapable of doing what something so far outside of my comfort zone?"

"What if I just do nothing and give up?"

And the opposite of all those questions?????

"What if I CAN hear my inner guidance?

"What if the answers are very clear?"

"What if I ask all the right questions?" Because there are no wrong questions!

What if I get it RIGHT? Because I can't get it wrong.

What if I'm already doing EVERYTHING right?

What if I am MORE than capable of doing anything outside of my comfort zone?

What if I just Trust and move forward?

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