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Ummm, yeah.

06.30.2020 Clearly I am a lunatic. I know. I have come full circle with my art. MY art. After giving away all of my art supplies, after breaking down my art studio, after buying new supplies and equipment for HEALING and music, I am back to art.

Not just back to art either. Over these past few months of accepting my desire to create art I have happened upon so many different styles and techniques.

From Zu, Zen and Friends, producing mugs, buying a Cricut cutting machine for creating stickers (and NEVER opening the box), buying books, online courses, lessons to learn drawing, watercolor, painting techniques....I am back to mixed media abstract art.


Mixed media abstract art is really where I have the most fun.

Yes, I have my doubts. Of course. I have bounced around my art journey so much how can I trust myself?

Why do I feel this is my path? How many times have I changed my website just in the past 6 months? What makes this old path different? Is it really an old path?

I could question this to death. Murder it so that I don't even venture out. I could. But, let's not question it.

Fear has kept me seeking this technique and that. Fear has kept me seeking out art lessons to learn techniques from other artists. Fear has kept me from developing my own style and going with my heart.

I kept telling myself, "When I complete this course I will know enough to confidently create my own art." What happened at the end of the course was, I could create a piece that looked exactly like the style of the instructor.

Even when the course specifically addressed the issue of "finding your own style."

Today, I figured out my mistake. I was taking lessons and courses from instructors who teach their technique and style rather than taking general art classes to develop basic skills.

I did try basic drawing skills but I wasn't motivated or inspired because I don't want to draw or paint realistic pieces.

What inspires me is color and texture. I am going to learn about composition and color. Mastering these basic fundamentals will allow me to express myself and develop my own unique style. I will discover who I am as an artist without having to un-learn a method I copied from another artist.

I am relinquishing my position as an art technique junkie and firmly putting my foot onto the path of my own self discovery as a mixed media artist. Ta-da!!!

Be Joyful!

P.S. Below, is just some of the stuff I dabbled in over the past few weeks or so. I did not include all the art I created digitally. You may recognize a common fad/technique/style. Blah.

Note: The tiny cartoon snippet of the yellow-haired girl in the first box is not my piece, just the blue piece.

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