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What If...

07.14.2020 Two days ago I played with the idea, "What if?"

Sometimes, I daydream about being a children's book author and illustrator, But, I don't have any story ideas. Instead of flushing the idea I decided to just play with the question, "What If?" and create an illustration without the need to have a story line thought out or any story line at all.

I found pictures in my Google photos that opened up to possible stories.

The first day I created a little girl with magic hens.

Yesterday, I thought about the time three baby birds sat down on my lap to visit with me.

At first they were perched on the fence that was next to me, about 2 feet away. After a few minutes of chirping in my ear, they all hopped onto my lap.

But, what if the baby birds flew down and we all sang together?

I realize now, with that title/idea I should add a human, singing character. Maybe nest time?(ha, ha that was a clever mistake there..."nest time" :D )

Anyway, it was a fun exercise that doesn't require any long term commitment. I look forward to playing around with it again.

The odd thing about these illustrations is that I feel detached from them. I really like them and can easily see them in story books. But, they don't feel like my work. They feel as though they were created and drawn by someone else. Another side of me that I don't identify with. What's that all about?


Be Joyful !

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