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Raising The Vibration In The Room

All you need to do is be open to connecting…

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What are the benefits of raising your energy vibrations?

We are vibrational beings. From one moment to the next we are constantly resonating on one energy level or another. The lower the frequency level, the denser your energy. When your energy is dense, you may feel drained, heavy, bogged down, stressed, or even depressed. When we wallow in the lower frequencies our lives may feel anxious and on edge. Physically we may experience discomfort, pain, and dis-ease. Mentally and emotionally we may feel separation, loneliness, and confusion. Spiritually, we may feel disconnected from source.

Vibrating on a lower frequency may become a habit. Every day may seem the same. Same issues. Same worries. Same stress. Here’s where Bjoiful Sound & Art may help. To break the pattern and/or trigger a lift in vibration Bjoiful Sound & Art uses sound instruments specifically chosen and played in a way to help raise your vibration.


Why Bjoiful Sound & Art

Here are just a few areas in which Bjoiful Sound & art can support and help YOU!

Relieve tension and anxiety


Quickly raise your mood


Create without judgement


Ease out of depression


Improve sleep


Quiet YOUR mind


Help to relieve pain


Discover the ability and practice of “letting go”

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What is Bjoiful Sound?

Bjoiful sound uses integral sound healing techniques to carry the intention of “Joy” (which is a high frequency) to help relieve stress, reduce tension, and quiet the mind.
“Sound and music can help you develop your own intuitions which, in turn, can help you with your own healing. The human capacity for intuition and its effects on the body, on relationships, and on one’s environment is not grounded on the occult or esoteric, but rather in hard scientific investigation by some of the great minds of physics and philosophy.”

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor,
The Sounds Of Healing

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